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This page offers samples of feedback from participants in sessions led by Mark Butz for:



Mark was an excellent communicator and facilitated the session effectively and efficiently.  Quite honestly the best facilitator I have experienced.  
Consistent, easy-going, professional.  Thought about the needs of all individuals and was responsive to the group.

Awesome!...very skilled and capable.  Thoroughly supportive, fun, enjoyable, giving.  
Amazing facilitation skills – warm, humorous, approachable, focussed and supportive. 
You are so good at what you do, I forgot I was being facilitated.
Very enjoyable - good mix of humour/seriousness, direction/being directed
Egregiously capable and pleasant facilitator...Extremely productive and positive.

Thanks to you, this was the first session that meant anything to me.
You struck a fine balance between getting us to the end result and letting the process be ours.  
And you made sure we had fun along the way.  Quite an art!  

Great technical skills, researched well, format used for the days was of the highest order.
Well done in a challenging task; got everyone involved and supportive
Clear, concise, well-paced, allowed time for ideas to develop and diverge if necessary 

Clearly a 'calling'; thankyou for the best planning session I have attended

Such a smooth process!

Very engaging; good pace

Mark, you are a terrific facilitator and kept the two days interesting and flowing.  Very productive.

I was surprised that I enjoyed creating a vision statement!...I was pleased that my passions were acknowledged, mediated and managed :)   A great facilitation model.  

Very impressed at how facilitators understood concepts and were able to process ideas

Mark managed the group effectively so that we worked well to bring out the underlying problems. 
Logical, sequential and collected - reflective and well-paced.

Energetic, colourful, and thoroughly engaging - not at all what I expected from our planning day.  Yet we got real results we can all live with.  M
emorable for all the right reasons - I'll be back next year for more!  

Thank you, it was very clear and interesting and helped to make me feel like a more active team member.
Impressive grasp of issues - thank you 
Mark is brilliant, very friendly and approachable; puts a lot of thought into his work

Excellent, kept us on track and on the game the entire two days! 

I have always loved your training, its the only training I actually use !

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Brilliant, inspiring & encouraging

Very good grounding in theory and practice – the balance was right
Concrete/practical/applicable - it works
Enormous learning and a fantastic journey
I can’t describe in words. It’s an awe inspiring experience
Outstanding – very practical and informative. Enriching!

Great benefit. It has helped to encompass a huge amount in such a beautiful way
I appreciate your efforts and genuineness

I felt like I had spent my life in a dark cupboard until you came along and opened the door
Mark is humorous and adds a light touch to the very heavy subject of models and theory

Highly valuable, very practical hands-on experience is the only way to learn facilitation
Fantastic - practical, well presented, great humour, realistic, etc etc etc
Awesome! Thoroughly supportive, fun, enjoyable, giving
Really good insights into human dynamics and methods to facilitate outcomes


Makes me start to think out of the box

One of the most beneficial training courses I have attended/participated in

Very beneficial – good mixture of hands on practice and theory
I found the leaders to be well trained, informative, respectful, had a sense of humour, and I really enjoyed being a participant

Liked the dynamic presentation style

A more thoughtful and considered approach to working in groups to engender full participation
I am a changed person

This is an exciting extension to my toolkit – all of the methods will be used extensively 
This gave me revelations regarding human thought process, psychology of learning/being
Good show from start to finish
Most valuable; has made me realise that there are many processes available to strategically achieve goals/outcomes

Good structure with clear understanding – thinking behind the actions
It has given me the tools and understanding to apply processes that I previously believed in but did not fully appreciate
Good sound teaching of theory, and good experiential learning of putting it into practice 

Did a fantastic job – really impressed – thank you!

VERY useful for lots of different work situations – diversity of applications

I gained heaps – skills and knowledge, confidence and courage

This course provided not only an opportunity to learn, participate and listen to the theory, but also to practice – very valuable and important as well as ‘scary’

Skills I can apply in day to day life as well as work.  An understanding of how process can deliver clearer actions & outcomes

Demythologised the facilitation process
I feel very well equipped to support my peers & clients

Insight into the behind-the-scenes planning for effective facilitation
Practical framework for bringing people forward

Excellent opportunity to reflect and focus – very good value

Increasing the energy, spirit in training and facilitation

I loved the workshops, how we didn’t get too bogged down on ‘theory’ – learn as we go

You are certainly very good at what you do
Great guidance and encouragement

As well as informative course content, this was valuable time with staff as we were able to get through some in-house issues as part of the demonstrations
I’m excited, fired up!!!
* in association with others 

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See Relating, Influencing and Negotiating for details of that training

Participants on the content and resources:

Thanks very much, challenging and thought-provoking, great skills to apply in all aspects of life
Admirable to put forward an ‘ethical’ model of negotiating and influencing – thanks

Invaluable – added to some previous training, reinforced some previous training

Made me pause/reflect on past and present practice – opened up new ways of approaching situations

Thank you Mark. A very clear and amazing useful summary of a lot of material – including your presentations, the book and the exercises

A great way of focussing and sharpening the tools I have for influencing and negotiating

Application to everyday workplace and family of simple tools that can be used more consciously. 
Excellent process for me to deconstruct and examine my own processes

Good exercises and well prepared information on topics – good use of resources

Very high benefit – applicable to role and life, great tools, great food for thought

Had a day-to-day application style, therefore will be used and is v. helpful

Gained a lot of insight and reassurance that what we are doing is in the right direction

Has given clarity to things I had a vague understanding of previously.  This will give me the ability to communicate those ideas more effectively.

To be re-read and reflected upon multiple times over the years – a treasure of condensed resources and links – relevant to the topic

The group work created a very positive attitude – the buzz was great

Resource kit is well presented and very comprehensive

Excellent resources, great toys, obviously well researched and skilfully assembled

The resources will be a useful and faithful ally

Participants on the leaders:

Mark is unique – a fabulous & trusted guide on this complex & very human journey
Excellent presenter – grounded, trustworthy, flexible, respectful, humorous

Outstanding presentation/ role play/ leadership/ humour

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic

Easy going, informed and approachable

Very pleasant and engaging style.  Made learning enjoyable.

Authentic, sensitive, with humour and dedication.  Well done.

Highly professional – can see the facilitation experience

Knowledgeable/fluent/attentive to comments

Intelligent, professional - made experience very enjoyable

Good mix of energy and humour!

Obviously done huge amounts of tailored prep. 

Terrific.  Very open to feedback – RARE!

Excellent preparation, very professional, and flexible

Good presenter; well structured material clearly explained – Mark walked the talk

Mark flows easily and livens up the experience with his humour
Very entertaining and engaging

Very precise and enthusiastic – great job

Great fun, lateral thinking made it v. enjoyable

Leaders showed great energy and enthusiasm

* in association with others 

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