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Before we can create agreement, we need to expand possibilities beyond what we already have
Before we can expand possibilities, we need to be able to influence others,
and be open to being influenced ourselves

Before we can influence others and be open to them, we need to make meaningful connections
Before we can connect, we need to create effective and constructive communication  
Before we can communicate effectively, we need to understand and respect our differences as humans  
These are the foundations whenever we need enduring agreements which strengthen relationships 

Relating, Influencing & Negotiating is a facilitated learning package which can be tailored to client needs.
The core of the package includes:
    • two days of face-to-face interactive delivery (which can be split into two one-day sessions for in-house delivery) 
    • pre-consultation for in-house sessions to enhance tailoring of content and resources to participants' needs 
    • a comprehensive resource pack; and 
    • post-session coaching and mentoring to enhance application of learning. 
 Potential expansion packages include: 
  • Pre-session engagement and preparation (face-to-face or distance) through which participants develop case study material to support learning during the session  
  • An additional day (or days) focused on grounding learning through case study analysis, scenarios and role plays 
  • An additional recall day (or days) tailored to specified applications of new skills e.g. performance story reporting; cross-cultural communication in Australian Indigenous or Maori culture; project management; balanced scorecard/strategic alignment (can be integrated with the grounding session above)     
  • A follow-up advanced session of one to two days after 3 to 6 months for deepening learning and reinforcing application

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As a result of the Program, each participant will have developed:

New capacities  
  • new insights and perspectives on human differences and underlying dynamics of human processes
  • new understandings about how these result in difference, disagreement and conflict 
  • new skills and tools to bridge differences, transform conflict, build cooperative relationships, and
    develop agreement and commitment
Practical application 
  • the ability to apply new learning, as a leader/facilitator of process, or as a participant in process,
    from one-to-one interactions to larger groups 
  • enhanced confidence to engage with diverse parties and situations to manage disagreement and conflict towards creative and constructive outcomes 
Strengthened engagement and relationships
  • strengthened relationships with peers, colleagues and others through sharing of practical experience and engagement in exercises which assist participants to become a resource to each other. 

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Mark Butz Futures by Design
  Mark Butz Futures by Design

Photo Mark Butz

Photo Mark Butz Futures by Design

Interactive delivery is by facilitators who have demonstrated skills in training and learning support, and sound experience in the practices of influencing and negotiating.

A tailored version of this training was delivered to the National NRM Facilitator Network during May 2007 in Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.  That package was developed and delivered in collaboration with David Jago from Smart Meetings, Dr Tom Schwarz from Kinnogene (Aus), and Kevin Balm from Participative Technologies.
It has been offered in other places as 'Creating and Sustaining Respectful Relationships' (and variants of this title).

CORE CONTENT STRUCTURE (interactive delivery)

Authenticity and Choice

An ecology of difference   
Making up our minds
Human process and change
Intention, choice & responsibility

Influencing with Integrity

Effective and constructive  communication

Authenticity, acceptance, empathy 
Being open to influence /
Influencing others

Creating and strengthening connection
Rapport, empathy, perceptual positioning

From Drama to Empowerment
Escaping the drama triangle 
Transforming conflict 
Dealing with the difficult
Leadership under fire
Relationships, Interests and Needs
Principled negotiation 

Expanding Possibilities
Tuning in for understanding  
Deep listening

Testing for clarity  
Reframing, dovetailing interests, bridging gaps

Respectful disagreement

Building Agreement & Respect

Making agreement easy  
Alternative agreements  
Ingredients of final agreements
Closing with commitment
  • Practice in real-life application 
  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Continued real-life application
  • Coaching & Mentoring

To find out about upcoming courses, or to explore possibilities in your area or organisation, please email.

Download a brochure on Relating, Influencing & Negotiatingpdf pdf

Relating, Influencing & Negotiating
is one of the Practical Skill Sets & Understandings components of the  development program: Out in Front: The Way of the Facilitative Leader, presented by Futures by Design .   Download a brochure - pdf pdf
Relating, Influencing & Negotiating can be effectively coupled with  Embracing Diversity, Uncertainty & Change to form two high impact three-day sessions.  
To find out about upcoming courses, or to explore possibilities in your area or organisation, please email.

Clients of our training are eligible to receive discounts on facilitation and consultancy services from  Futures by Design.  

Actual material addressed in any event will vary in response to the needs and expressed interests of participants.

Participants who complete the practical skill sets may be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance at ToP Facilitative Leadership Program Module 5 Principled Influencing & Negotiating. 

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Futures by Design
Mark Butz Futures by Design


See Testimonials on Practice for participant feedback on the content and resources, and on the leaders 
* in association with others

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