Canberra-Nara Park and Canberra Peace Park


Canberra-Nara Park
Cranes at Canberra-Nara Park 2004 
Peace Park


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Gateway Canberra-Nara Park
The main gateway, and the tall lantern and the gazebo
visible beyond, with just a glimpse of Lake Burley Griffin
and the backdrop of Black Mountain.

The side recesses of the gateway may be a suitable place
to hang cranes.

  Looking back to the gateway
past the dry stream bed and tall lantern.
Gateway Canberra-Nara Park
Pavilion - Canberra-Nara Park
The gazebo seen with the dry stream bed. 
The lake just is visible through the gap in the trees beyond. 
  The eaves and timber framework of the gazebo
are ideal for hanging cranes.  
The squat lantern and pergola are visible at rear.
Pavilion Canberra-Nara Park

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Cranes at Canberra-Nara Park 2004

The images below were taken on 30 October 2004 at the Canberra Candle Festival in Canberra-Nara Park, when more than 2,000 candles were lit as symbols of peace and friendship.  Our participation in this wonderful event was assisted by the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin and supported by the ACT Government.  

We were pleased to be able to exhibit cranes from Australian folders in New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria; from USA folders in Massachusets, Illinois, California, New Jersey and Kentucky; from France; and from Singapore.  

Visitors had the opportunity to learn to fold cranes, thanks to the asistance of the Japan Embassy and the Australian-Japan Society. 
Students from the Japanese class at Holy Spirit Primary School in Nicholls ACT strung folded cranes into garlands for hanging.  
The students also helped to give away folded cranes to thousands of visitors to share a wish for peace.    

Gazebo and lantern Left - The gazebo with some cranes hanging,
and candles around one of the stone lanterns
Cranes from Parndana
Cranes from Buckland-Shelburne
Above - Huge cranes from Parndana Area School,
Kangaroo Island SA, form a striking entrance to the gazebo
Above - Cranes from Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School,
Shelburne Falls MA, sway in the breeze carrying wishes for peace 
Gazebo broad
Gazebo rear
Above - Visitors showed a great interest in the various forms of
folded cranes, and the many places they had been sent from.  .
Above - The cranes on the left came from Christopher Academy,
Scotch Plains NJ; those on the right from East Maitland Primary School NSW
Right - The climax of the event came with
the lighting of more than 2,000 candles
as symbols of peace and friendship
Candles lit

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Canberra Peace Park

The Canberra Peace Park was established for the International Year of Peace in 1987.

This is not an ideal location for peace cranes because of its relative isolation, minimal and stark landscape development,
and the absence of any structure from which to hang garlands.

However, we may seek to place cranes here from time to time.

Canberra Peace Park Nat Lib
The park consists of a low relief stone sculptural feature with
a central motif and panels inscribed with 'Peace' in many languages.

The building at rear is the National Library of Australia.

View across the site to Mount Ainslie beyond Lake Burley Griffin. 
The site is tucked away in 'vacant space'
between the National Library and the lake. 

The lack of any vertical feature means it does not attract attention,
and as it is not shown on any city maps it is rarely visited. 

Canberra Peace Park Lake
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