Ideas and Inspirations


Case Study
Key concepts
    The Wishing Tree
    Elanora Heights PS, NSW Australia
Primary school; international links; wishes for peace; cranes on a Wishing Tree; link to Web site; image
    Ambassadors of Peace
    Adel, Georgia USA
Elementary school; Girl Scouts; cranes handed out for Christmas - peace messages, mobiles, parade
    Under the wings of the crane
    Fremont-Elizabeth CHS, Adelaide,
    South Australia
High school; refugees, torture and trauma; student stories; publication; link to Web site; image
    Stargazer Youth Theatre Festival
    Kippens, Newfoundland, Canada
Youth theatre; ages 15 to 18; Sadako play; cranes for audience; links with schools and community 
    Cranes for Peace
    Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Children's Peace Statue; Los Alamos nuclear weapons development; destination for cranes; link to Web site 
    Wish for good health
    Ludlow, Vermont USA
Elementary school; Sadako story; cancer treatment; cranes sent to medical centre; image 
    Sadako puppet performance
    Cape Town, South Africa
Sadako story; puppet performance; cranes in stage set, posters and programs
    "Our World" Exhibition
    Phoenix Public Library, Arizona USA
Public library; Sadako story; Hiroshima annniversary; cranes hung; artworks; student activities; schools
    Grade 3 Peacemakers
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA
Elementary school; peace, non-violence, racial harmony; student activities; children's peace monument; publication; link to Web site
    Cranes to The Hague
    the Netherlands
Nuclear disarmament; destination for cranes; International Court of Justice
    The art of paper cranes
    Classic Cranes, Hawaii USA
Artworks; cranes for special occasions; cranes as a business; link to Web site; image
    Hopes and fears
    STARTTS, Fairfield NSW Australia
Refugees, torture and trauma; training kit; hopes and fears written on cranes; link to Web site
    Crane exchange with Hiroshima
    Mokena, Illinois USA
Elementary school; Sadako story; cranes to Hiroshima; links to Web sites 
    Les 1000 grues de l'espoir
    Toulouse, France
Telethon - fund raising for medical research; artworks; link to Web site; image 
    Cranes for a wedding
    San Francisco USA
Cranes for special occasions; cranes as decorations; crane tree; link to Web site
    Installation of '10,000 Cranes'
    Iowa City, Iowa USA
Artwork; university; hospitals and clinics; art for healing; link to Web site; image
    'The Voice' Youth magazine
    Camden Library NSW Australia
Public library; Sadako story; youth magazine; competition to fold cranes
    Rock Eisteddfod
    Seaview HS, South Australia
High School; dance performance; Sadako and Hiroshima; cranes for audience; link to Web site; image
    Cranes Going Global - Oshkosh
    Public Library, Wisconsin USA
Library system (25 libraries); family program; Sadako story; cranes sent to  Santa Fe; image
    The Flight of the Cranes
    Skylar's Mission - Pleasant Valley
    New York USA
Elementary school; Sadako story; student's fund raising goal to aid leukaemia sufferers
    Peace Exchange with Hakushima
    Aranda, Australia/Hiroshima, Japan
Primary/elementary schools; student activities; peace messages; artwork; international exchange; images; pages on this site

Links to further case studies on the Web can be followed from our Peace Links and Resources pages.

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