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You can send your folded cranes to a number of destinations, including those below. 

We suggest that if you want anything more than delivery of your cranes to the park or garden (for example, if you want photos taken and so on) then you contact the destination in advance of sending your cranes to check whether they can arrange what you want and whether you will need to make a financial contribution. 

Even if you only have one crane or a small amount of cranes you can still send them as a wish for peace - see Mail a Crane for Peace for some addresses. 


Destination:  Canberra-Nara Peace Park in Canberra ACT 
Contact: Mark and Lyn Butz ( Thousand Cranes Peace Network

      PO Box 128 
      Jamison Centre ACT 2614  Australia 
      Phone (+61-2)-6251-1206
      Fax     (+61-2)-6251-2173
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Destination:  Sadako Peace Garden
                in Santa Barbara, California 
Contact:   David Krieger ( Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ) 

      Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 
      PMB 121, 1187  Coast Village Road, Suite 1 
      Santa Barbara  CA  93108-2794  USA 
      Phone: 805-965-3443 / Fax: 805-568-0466

Destination: Prairie Peace Park near Lincoln, Nebraska 
Contact: Don Tilley
      Prairie Peace Park 
      PO Box 95062 
      Lincoln  NE  68509  USA 
      Phone: 402-466-6622

Destination: Sadako Statue in Seattle, Washington 

Contact: Michiko Pumpian ( Sadako Peace Club

      Sadako Peace Club for Children 
      PO Box 1253 
      Issaquah  WA  98027-1253  USA 
      Phone / Fax: 425-391-4797
Contact:  Susan Parker ( Cranes for Peace
      Cranes for Peace 
      PO Box 4914 
      Seattle  WA  98104-0914  USA

Destination: Children's Peace Statue
                in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Contact:   Shannyn Sollitt ( NetWorks Productions Inc.

      PO Box 9509  
      Santa Fe  NM  87504   USA
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Destination: Hiroshima Peace Park 

Contact:   City of Hiroshima 
Peace Promotion Division
The City of Hiroshima
1-5 Nakajima-cho Naka-ku,
Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan

Please go to this page to see background information and download a registration form
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