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Coloured crane
Getting Started with 
Paper Cranes
This page sets out some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about getting started with paper cranes 
- why? what? who? how? when? and where?
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Peace Challenge 2001
Find out about this international effort to fold cranes for peace.   
Golden crane
A Million Paper Cranes for Peace 

for the Year 2000
Read about our highly successful project to bring together people around the world to fold a million paper cranes as a wish for peace. 
Places to Send Paper Cranes
You can send your folded cranes to a number of destinations. This page lists some contacts who have agreed to accept cranes from  Network participants.
Network Participants
This is an indicative (and incomplete) list of participants in the Network, including schools, libraries, artists, businesses, organisations and institutions. 
News Update  
Check here for reports about the global spread of the Network, the progress of crane projects, and a record of revisions made to pages on this site. 
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Ideas and Inspirations
These case studies offer many possibilities for use of paper cranes in projects and activities that promote peace, non-violence and tolerance.
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Peace Links and Resources
Jump off from this growing collection of links to find Web sites about peace. 
These pages also list books, video/audio and other materials about peace. 
Ban the Bomb
Peace Symbols 
This page examines the origins of a wide range of symbols for peace through thousands of years of history and culture, as a resource for those teaching or learning about peace.
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Peace Pix 
This gallery of clipart images has been assembled to assist and encourage others to create Web pages which promote peace, non-violence and tolerance.
Peace Talks 
There is always plenty of food for thought in the words used by others to reflect on peace, non-violence and tolerance. 
This is a collection of some of our favourites.
A-Bomb Dome
Photographs of 

Hiroshima Peace Park 
The site of the first use of atomic weapons against people, the
Hiroshima Peace Park provides a focus for those who care enough
to work for peace and non-violence. 
Blue dove
Canberra-Nara Park and 
Canberra Peace Park
There are two peace parks in Canberra, Australia.  One of them is about to become a destination for paper cranes from around the world. 
Paper crane
Peace Exchange with 

Hakushima Elementary School
Visit the pages of photos, artwork and peace messages sent by the students of Hakushima - these started us on the path to the Thousand Cranes Peace Network. 

Crane Lore
This page outlines the biology and mythology of the remarkable birds which inspired the origami crane and which have become powerful symbols of our wish for peace. 
Historical background
This is a brief history of how we came to be coordinators of the international Thousand Cranes Peace Network.
Site Map
The site map allows you to take a shortcut to any of the pages on the site without moving through the index pages.

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