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Cranes for Peace - Santa Fe, New Mexico USA 
Wish for good health - Ludlow, Vermont USA
Sadako puppet performance - Cape Town, South Africa
"Our World" Exhibition - Phoenix Public Library, Arizona USA
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Cranes and keypals -Shohola, Pennsylvania USA

Cranes for Peace
Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA

The Los Alamos Peace Project began  the "Cranes for Peace" project  on 9 January 1999 at the Childrens' Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a screening of the film Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.

A Childrens' Peace Statue was created by children in a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The statue was conceived in 1989 and was completed in 1994.  By the time of completion, the bronze sculpture had received financial support from 76,000 children from 63 countries and all 50 of the United states. 
The children who originally created the statue desired it to be permanently placed in a public park in Los Alamos - the birthplace of the atomic bomb.  It was refused permanent placement there by the Los Alamos County Council.  Now it temporarily resides in Santa Fe.  Most of the Peace cranes which once hung from it have wilted and blown away.  Image at right

Now we are reviving the intentions of the children who created and supported this sculptured prayer for World Peace.  The Los Alamos Peace Project is an idea - to bring the community together to focus on creating a greater commitment for this bio-region to participate in the creation of World Peace - and to transform the Los Alamos National Laboratory from a weapons production facility into an institution dedicated to engaging in life affirming research and development.
New Mexico is the nuclear weapons capital of the world.  The Los Alamos National Laboratory is continuing its mission to develop new nuclear weapons as well as beginning the manufacture of plutonium pits (the nuclear trigger) for the Stockpile Stewardship Program.  This Cranes for Peace project is one of many ideas which have emerged from the community to serve this overall bio-regional objective.

On Hiroshima Day, 6 August 1999, in unity with the Peace Day which is observed in Hiroshima, children in Santa Fe (translated as 'City of Holy Faith') decorated the statue with cranes folded in the Northern New Mexico bio-region and cranes sent from other communities from around the US and the world to decorate the statue for this ceremony of unity. 

The First Peace Day in Santa Fe was a grand success.  This project only really started in March 1999 and it yielded 37,000 cranes - 12,000 from this bio-region, 7,500 from places as far afield as Australia and New Zealand, and 17,500 from Japan! 
Image at left 

See another image here.


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Shannyn Sollitt
NetWorks Productions Inc.
941 Rio Vista, Apt A
Santa Fe  NM  87501  USA


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Wish for good health 
Ludlow, Vermont USA

A fourth grade class at Ludlow Elementary School in Ludlow, Vermont USA folded 1001 paper cranes as a wish for good health for their art teacher Ms. Marilee Blodgett while she was being treated for lymphoma.
Student Patrick Chimbolo advised us that the class donated the cranes to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center's Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon,
New Hampshire, where their teacher went for her cancer treatments. 

The crane mobiles were being hung in the infusion suite and pediatric 
waiting room, where patients and their families can enjoy them.

Patrick's teacher says that the children have learned a lesson about the power of art to communicate:  "To all that participated in this project and all that have seen the cranes, this is truly a story of hope.  The 1001 cranes symbolize this hope.  They are a gift of the heart and hand.  It is the sincere wish of these students that all who view the cranes will find inner peace, knowing that they are being thought of with much love."

Patrick kindly sent us the image above [from the Rutland Herald 22 Dec 1998] and suggested that the 1001 cranes be included in the goal of a Million Paper Cranes for Peace by the Year 2000.
Patrick Chimbolo
Ludlow Elementary School
Ludlow, VT  05149 USA

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Sadako puppet performance
Cape Town, South Africa

Our puppet production Sadako, based on the story of Sadako Sasaki, ran at The Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa from 25 June to
14 July 1998.

When the play was performed , we had at least 700 paper cranes on stage, and a further 650 were folded and attached to posters, programmes and invitations, or displayed in the theatre foyer.

The response to the production was overwhelming - audiences were deeply moved and the show received very favourable reviews. We don't have any immediate plans to perform Sadako again, but we hope to tour South Africa and possibly other countries in the future.

Paul Abrams and Jaqueline Dommisse
The Puppet People
PO Box 1005
Sea Point   8001  South Africa


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"Our World and 2000 Paper Cranes" Exhibition
Phoenix Public Library, Arizona USA

From January to March 2000 the children's department of the Public Library in Phoenix, Arizona will host an exhibition " Our World", which was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki and the thousand cranes.  To commemorate the 20th century and welcome the 21st century, we will hang 2,000 paper cranes in the gallery, together with art works including painting, sculpture, ceramic, and mixed media works.  We are inviting artworks by students and teachers from elementary through high school, ASU Fine Art students and faculty, community groups or organizations, and local artists. At the end of the exhibition we will send one thousand paper cranes to the Children's Peace Statue in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The rest of the paper cranes will be distributed back to participating schools to hang in classrooms, to remind the students to work for world peace.  The artworks will be available for purchase and proceeds will be donated to the library children's program and Papa's school, which is a school for homeless children in downtown Phoenix.


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Thuong Nguyen


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