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Peace activities and ideas

This page is a collection of Web links and resources which you may find useful for teaching or learning about peace, non-violence and tolerance, through a wide range of ideas and activities which focus on our wish for peace. 


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Peace activities and ideas
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Peace activities and ideas

  •  A lovely book for explaining the concept of peace is Peacetimes written by 

  • Katherine Scholes and illustrated by Robert Ingpen (ISBN 0-85572-188-X). 
  • An unusual angle is taken by Faithful elephants: a true story of animals, people and war by Yukio Tsuchiya (ISBN 0-395-46555-9) - a moving story based on Tokyo Zoo during WW2. 

  • A wonderful collection of thought-provoking and inspiring quotations is in 

  • Peace Prayers: meditations, affirmations, invocations, poems and prayers for peace edited by the staff of Harper San Francisco (ISBN 0-06-250464-9). 
  • There are some great discussion starters among the essays, case studies, quotations, poems and stirring photographs and artwork in Peace: a dream unfolding edited by Patrick Crean and Penney Kome (ISBN 0-87156-770-9) 

  • On the wings of peace by Sheila Hanamaka (ISBN 0-395-72619-0) 

  • Wings of peace: poetry on peace by Jackson Wilcox (ISBN 0-944231-08-X)

  • Peace and War: a collection of poems by M Harrison and C Stuart-Clark (eds) 

  • Young Peacemakers Project Book and PeaceWorks: Young Peacemakers Project Book II  by Kathleen Fry-Miller and Judith Myers-Walls for PreK to Elementary 

  • Spinning tales, Weaving hope: stories of peace, justice and the environment by Ed Brody et al. (eds) for preschool to Junior High 
  • Peace begins with you by Katherine Scholes for ages 5 to adult 

  • The Strange War: stories for a culture of peace for children and young people by Martin Auer.  Available also to download

  • Peace tales by Margaret Read Macdonald for all ages 

  • Find more books listed at:

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  • The Sri Chinmoy people offer a video called Team Peace for elementary to middle school students, with a Team Peace Curriculum of peaceful activities. 

  • For a list of video resources visit the Media Resources Centre at Berkeley and follow the links to 'Collections' and 'Peace and Conflict in the 20th Century'. 

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  • Cheryl Melody has released World peace:the children's dream - a multicultural music CD and cassette for the whole family. 

  • The World Peace 2000 site has Songs to celebrate Peace - they invite you to use them as they are, adapt them or write your own. 

  • The Australian audio tape called Sing for peace has some great songs including 

  • ‘Reach out for peace’ by Lorraine Milne, which kids just love to sing. The tape pack includes a booklet with words, music and activities for music education. It was produced by ABC Education (ISBN 0-642-12979-7) but is now hard to get (some ABC Shops may still have it). 
  • Words and music for 'Reach out for Peace' were published in Sing Sing Sing 1988 [Song No.21]. 

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    Teaching guides
  • A general but very useful teacher resource book (from Canada) is

  • Peace in the classroom by Hetty Adams (ISBN 1-895411-68-8) 
  • Waging peace in our schools by Linda Lantieri and Janet Patti has ideas for peaceable classrooms, student mediators, conflict resolution and diversity education. Visit the Web site for this book. 

  • There are lots of activities in One World, One Earth: educating children for social responsibility  by Merryl Hammond (ISBN Canada 1 55092 189 4 or 

  • USA 0 86571 247 6), with an extensive resource list of books, magazines, toys, games, globes and maps, songs and music, and some specially written peace songs. 
  • Try the One World, Our World pages for student sites, teacher sites, ideas and links, and classroom notes

  • An older (1987) resource book is Educating for Peace across the curriculum in primary and secondary schools compiled by Marcia Perry for the 

  • International Year of Peace, published by the ACT Schools Authority 
    (ISBN 0 642 12223 7 - now out of print but available in libraries). 
    It details activities across key learning areas, including songs, plays and a bibliography of books, magazines, drama, films and video. 
  • The National Peace Garden Monument site offers a Resource List with lessons 

  • in a Peace Curriculum
  • SBG have a Grade 6 Teacher Activity Center with student activities called 

  • On the path to peace
  • Have a look at the many resources for teaching and learning listed by:
  • Have a look at the children's war diaries on Children of War and a host of other links from this site about Children, Schools, Violence, War and Learning

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  • There are some interesting images at our Peace Pix pages for Peace Doves

  • Ban the Bomb, and Flags and banners
  • Children of all ages are invited to contribute their own artwork to the wonderful Peace in Pictures  project. 

  • Other galleries to visit include: 
  • Have a look at the World Wheel Global Meditation for Peace, a mandala of nations by Vijali Hamilton

  • For some more unusual artworks on the Web try: 
  • Peace-Network offers artists worldwide a place where everybody can work for peace. 

  • There is some very thought-provoking artwork in Peace: a dream unfolding 

  • edited by Patrick Crean and Penney Kome (ISBN 0-87156-770-9) 

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    Web links
  • Find out more about The Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World 2001-2010. 

  • Global SchoolNet lists many exciting and imaginative projects suitable for K-12 education (and beyond), especially useful for Web-based learning opportunties.  This is an excellent place to share your own ideas and educational projects with others. 
    •  Visit Peace Together for some interesting ideas, possibilities and peace T-shirts. 
  • You can find more inspiring ideas at Classrooms Around The World 

  • - another site willing to advertise and promote educational projects which involve use of the Internet and email between schools. 
  • The mission statement for Change the World 101 is 'Youth Using Technology

  • to Change the World One Person at a Time'. 
  • Have you ever toyed with forming your own organisation but didn't know quite where to start? Then explore the links on the World Peace Clubs page. They will take you to a lot of resources, concepts and ideas you may be able to use in the lead-up to the turn of the millennium. 'Learn Peace. Teach Peace. Make a Difference.' 

  • Lots of inspiring peace wishes can be found at  Peace Around the World and Peace Cards (by Ligon High School)  at Midlink Magazine . 
  • You will find more postcard inspiration at Earth Mandalas Postoffice  and at AdOn Web

  • The Peace Federation World Alliance also offers great peace postcards. 
  • A wide range of activities and ideas can be found at Kids 4 Peace, with  peace letters to write, and lots of other activities. 

  • Have a look at the Dino Pals and the Kidz Care! Earth Center as well! 

  • A fine peace education project is at the WOW Zone - Wish Only Well

  • Visit Pathways to Peace for more inspiration including the Carpet of Peace  and Children's World Peace Festival

  • Contribute to the Peace Scroll at the Seed of Life Peace Foundation

  • The Peace Bell has an interesting story and you can help to preserve it here. 

  • Worldwide Servers also offers links and ideas for kids and all ages. 
  • Check your use of time on the Peace Clock

  • How about being part of the next Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run

  • This is the longest ever relay run for Peace - more than a million people have been part of it in 70 countries! 
    This site also offers further links, activities and products. 
    If you want your school to participate look at the Information for Schools
    (Australian site here ). 
  • You will find many more useful Peace links at the Web site for the Earth Rainbow Network, and at the Web site for  World Peace Day (17 November). 

  • The Rainbow Around the World is an 'Internet coalition' of sites which promote global unity, peace and visions for the 21st century.  They have lots of links to explore! 

  • Visit Community Peacemakers for a calendar of events, on-line announcements, Peace Power Alerts, free access materials, discussion groups and links. 

  • Have a look at the wonderful contributions from 38 countries which make up the Peace Poem, a project organised for students of K-12 from around the world by the UN CyberSchool Bus, a great site for exploring current Peace issues. 

  • For a sample of school peace activities, try:
  • And don't forget to visit some school peace gardens at our page of 
    Peace gardens, parks and monuments
  • If you want to set up international 'keypal' links, visit More than Just Pen Pals for a list of sites, safety tips and ideas for activities. 

  • You can try these sites:
  • Find out about role models of peace and non-violence at PeaceJam 

  • - an international educational outreach program for kids. 
  • See also World Transformers from the Peace Federation World Alliance. 

  • There are further inspiring people at the Nobel Peace Prize Internet Archive

  • War and Conflict: Past, Present and Future offers historical perspectives. 

  • Pay a visit to the International Association of Educators for Peace

  • The Wilmington College Peace Resource Centre lists many resources on peacemaking, including audio-visual resources, books and their own newsletter. 

  •  Bridgework Theater perform contemporary plays for children, dealing with issues such as Conflict Resolution, Respect & Tolerance, and Anger Management. 

  • There is more than one way to say 'Peace'!   Find more than a hundred different ways at: 
  • Find out about the famous nuclear protest boat Rainbow Warrior and its sinking, by following links to a history and photographs from the Rainbow Warrior memorial  site and by visiting the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior site - "You can't sink a rainbow". 

  • Get inspired by the Thousand Cranes Proclamation of Multnomah County and their Thousand Crane Peace Award

  • Consider the gesture of flying the Companion Flag

  • See also the pages for the Earth Flag  and the Flag of Humanity
  • Or why not submit your own flag design to the Peace Flag Project?! 

  • Have a look at the home page for Amnesty International and follow some of their extensive links

  • Some other great links (and collections of links) to try out include:
  • Try these links on nonviolence:

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       Other materials and merchandise
  •  You can get help to establish a 'pen pal' relationship in Hiroshima.  Send a letter with your name, address, age and nationality to:
    • International Exchange Lounge 
      c/o Hiroshima International Relations Organisation 
      1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730 Japan.
  • For Peace T-shirts and sweatshirts, try:
  • The Grade 3 class of Cape Cod Academy, Osterville MA produce a Children’s Peace Letter called The Golden Crane - a great example of how to engage students and others in communicating about peace (enquiries

  • The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation  see the sunflower as a symbol of a world free of nuclear weapons.  They have chosen The Sunflower as the name of a monthly electronic newsletter on peace issues and activities. Follow links to The Peace Store 

  • Community Peacemakers publish an electronic newsletter of 'positive thoughts to help us work peace in everything we know, say and do'. 

  • Peacezine is an on-line magazinededicated to fostering world peace.

  • The Peace Centre in The Philippines publishes Peace Ideas , with regular items including peace education, global education, inner peace, peace quotes, interpersonal communication and book reviews.  'If five percent of the people work for peace, there will be peace'. 

  • Also have a look at the Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • 'a resource for students, teachers and practitioners in fields related to the reduction and elimination of conflict'  and Nonviolence Today - from Australia. 
  • Join the on-line discussion forum at What Peace means to You .

  • Find more resource lists at:

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     Please let us know if any links are not working or 
    are no longer suitable for viewing.

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